Evolve 1 Student’s Book with Digital Pack

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1. Baskı
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Karton Kapak
Baskı Yılı
Haziran 2022
Sayfa Sayısı
21,50 X 27,50 X 1,00
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Insights Welcome to EVOLVE, an innovative American English course for adults and young adults! We’ve drawn extensively on insights from language teaching experts and real students around the world to create a course that covers all skills and will support you and your students with the most effective and efficient ways to make progress in English. Insights from students We asked over 2,000 students from all over the world what topics they would like to discuss in English and in what situations they would like to be able to speak more confidently. The ideas are included throughout the Student’s Book, ensuring that EVOLVE is relevant to students’ lives and reflects their realities, thus increasing engagement. Additionally, real students appear in short videos responding to discussion questions. These videos serve as ideas prompts and encourage discussion by giving students something real to react to. These videos also provide more attainable speaking models for students as the students featured in the videos are at the same level as the students using the book. These “peer models” give students confidence that they can achieve something similar, so they’re more likely to engage in the conversation themselves. Insights from teachers Teachers repeatedly told us that they value professional development opportunities, but they had difficulty fitting professional development into their busy lives. In order to help them discover techniques which will help their students learn, EVOLVE offers a unique?integrated?development program for teachers. Each unit of the Teacher’s Edition includes the presentation of a professional development technique which the teacher is then guided through how to incorporate in the lesson itself. In addition, there are opportunities for reflection on the technique they have used, and follow-up reading material to consolidate the theory behind the technique.