Making Connections 1 Student's Book with Integrated Digital Learning

Baskı Sayısı
2. Baskı
Kağıt Cinsi
Karton Kapak
Baskı Yılı
Aralık 2017
Sayfa Sayısı
20,50 X 25,50 X 1,20
Stokta Mevcut
Kdv Dahil Fiyat


Making Connections teaches an extensive range of reading skills and strategies in order to prepare students for college reading. Making Connections Second edition Level 1 Student's Book introduces first-time readers of academic text to basic reading strategies such as finding paragraph topics, finding supporting details and learning to read quickly. It features a variety of high interest topics including national borders, names, food, sleep, natural disasters, and music. Each student's book contains a single-use code for access to audio files of the readings in the CLMS.