Vision 1 Workbook

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1. Baskı
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Karton Kapak
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21,50 X 29,50 X 0,70
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See the way to success! Help every modern learner get on the path to a better future with Vision, a new three-level English course, that takes into account the real needs of learners. Sure to stimulate imagination and encourage curiosity, the series will motivate young teenagers with video stories and fun grammar animations. In your class, your students will be: Talking! Vision helps students develop their naturel use of English through real-life video stories and dialogues. Their accuracy will improve with clearly presented structures, animated grammar presentations and detailed and effective grammar practice. Motivated! Vision entertains students with amusing cartoons and interactive, exciting video stories. Mixed level and mixed ability classes will be engaged with lots of fun activities like puzzels, games, songs, projects and more. Learning! Vision provides integrated skills sections which encourage students to use what they hear to speak, and what they read to write. In addition, CLIL sections allow them to use their language with real-life learning and then produce projects related to the subjects. Sure of their progress! Vision uses the Global Scale of English to monitor students' learning from unit to unit. Revision and tests make sure you know how your students are progressing. Components Student's Book Workbook Teacher's Book Active Teach Tests and Photocopiables