The Official Guide to PTE Academic SB & PEP Pack

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The Official Guide to PTE Academic, provides a complete overview of the test structure. It includes everything you need to know in order to become familiar with the task types, as well as guidance on managing a computer-based test and preparation strategies. The Official Guide and its support resources can also help you to practice real-world English skills in order to prepare for the PTE Academic test. It is an excellent starting point for evaluating your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and planning your test preparation. The Official Guide is divided into 3 main Resources: The Official Guide to PTE Academic for Test Takers (Book) Digital Resources Online Practice The Official Guide to PTE Academic (Book): is suitable for anyone who wants to become familiar with the test; is designed to be used as a self-study tool, in addition to other preparation courseware or as part of classroom preparation; includes paper-based study and practice (with practice exercises included in the book and downloadable resources for printing) as well as online practice of all the tasks types; is a useful resource to help test takers plan their study and preparation for the test; is divided into clear sections to make information easy to find. Digital Resources You can access these resources using the code for the Pearson English Portal printed in the front of your book. Answer keys for all tasks in the book, including model answers for speaking and writing tasks Audio tracks for both practice tasks in the book, as well as model answers 20 Videos, focusing on the common mistakes people make when approaching each task type. A series of worksheets General skill development advice Online Practice 300 PTE Academic practice questions, covering all 20 scored task types and Personal introduction