Gold B2 First Courseook and Interactive eBook with Online Practice

İkinci Yazar
Baskı Sayısı
1. Baskı
Kağıt Cinsi
Karton Kapak
Baskı Yılı
Kasım 2021
Sayfa Sayısı
22,00 X 28,00 X 0,90
Stokta Mevcut
Kdv Dahil Fiyat


Gold is a course that has been accompanying people preparing for Cambridge international language exams for years. Its subsequent editions are the best confirmation of the high quality of the material and its practical impact on students' exam successes. Gold New Edition is the best choice for people whose goal is to achieve their dream result in language exams as well as people who are looking for a thorough development of all language skills. Gold New Edition is a response to teachers' expectations and the constantly changing development needs of students. The B2 First level, as in previous editions, provides students with thorough preparation for the Cambridge First language exam. The course focuses on the thorough consolidation of the grammar and lexical structures required for the exam, the even development of all language skills and the mastery of exam strategies.