C++ How to Program (10/E)

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Yazar :
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Eylül 2019
Baskı Sayısı :
10. Baskı
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Karton Kapak
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18,00 X 23,00 X 4,00
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950,00 ₺
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For courses in C++ Programming The best-selling C++ How to Program is accessible to readers with little or no programming experience, yet comprehensive enough for the professional programmer. The Deitels' signature live-code approach presents the concepts in the context of full working programs followed by sample executions. The early objects approach gets readers thinking about objects immediately-allowing them to more thoroughly master the concepts. Emphasis is placed on achieving program clarity and building well-engineered software. Interesting, entertaining, and challenging exercises encourage students to make a difference and use computers and the Internet to work on problems. To keep readers up-to-date with leading-edge computing technologies, the 10th Edition conforms to the C++11 standard and the new C++14 standard.