OBWL Level 5: I, Robot Short Stories

Baskı Sayısı
1. Baskı
Kağıt Cinsi
Karton Kapak
Baskı Yılı
Nisan 2009
Sayfa Sayısı
14,00 X 20,00 X 0,70
Stokta Mevcut
Kdv Dahil Fiyat


Crazy robots, mind-reading robots, humorous robots, world-ruling robots: the world of the future will be populated by robots. Information about the band: Exciting stories for readers with a vocabulary of 1,800 basic words: future continuous, future perfect, passive (modals, continuous forms), would have conditional clauses, modals + perfect infinitive and so/such ... that result clauses are used in these readers. Information about the series: With original texts and adaptations of classic and modern literature, the Oxford Bookworms Library invites you to read. Illustrations make it easier to introduce new vocabulary. A rich set of tasks provides exercises and activities. A glossary explains all words that go beyond the given basic words.