OBWL Level 2: Stories from the Heart (Stories from Around the World) - audio pack

Baskı Sayısı
1. Baskı
Kağıt Cinsi
Karton Kapak
Baskı Yılı
Ağustos 2018
Sayfa Sayısı
13,00 X 20,00 X 0,50
Stokta Mevcut
Kdv Dahil Fiyat


From Nigeria to New Zealand, from Jamaica to Malaysia, from India to South Africa, these stories show us that the human heart is the same in every place. People everywhere have the same feelings of fear and pain, happiness and sadness. Bookworms World Stories collect stories written in English from around the world, and the eight stories in this book were selected from the winning entries in the Commonwealth Short Story Competition. All the stories in this edition are from two previous Bookworms titles: Cries from the Heart and Songs from the Soul.