Dominoes Starter: Around the World in Eighty Days - audio pack

Baskı Sayısı
1. Baskı
Kağıt Cinsi
Karton Kapak
Baskı Yılı
Haziran 2016
Sayfa Sayısı
15,00 X 21,00 X 0,50
Stokta Mevcut
Kdv Dahil Fiyat


Ideal for new learners of English looking to improve and practise their English. The book is filled with useful vocabulary that is carefully graded and easy to understand, it also comes with audio, so that you can listen to the story at the same time as reading.'Today you can go round the world in eight days,' says Phileas Fogg. 'Do it, and I pay you £20,000,' says his friend Stuart.This is the beginning of one of Jules Verne's most exciting stories. Phileas Fogg must get back to London by December 21 or lose all his money. With the help of his servant, Passepartout, Fogg travels in many ways - from train to Elephant - and he has some surprising adventures along the way.